Wall cladding

Wall panels for livestock building or offices. Insulating, beautiful, affordable. Various types of wall sheeting can be applied in steel constructions, such as PUR or PIR sheets, eco-panels, liner trays, cassettes, trapezoidal profile sheets, or weatherboard profile sheets.

An insulated wall can be constructed from sandwich elements (PUR, PIR, or stone wool), or as a so-called built-up system, with liner trays. These consist of an inside wall, fitted with glass or stone wool insulation, over which a single skin panel is installed. The architectural profiles are extremely handsome. These cassettes allow designers to create contemporary facades. A more authentic character is created with the weatherboard sheets – the single skin profile sheets, or the extremely efficient trapezoidal sheets

Sandwich panels
Liner trays
Trapezoidal profile sheets
Weatherboard profile sheets


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