Work planning

After mutual consultation on the best qualitative and economical construction standards for your project, work preparation can begin.

Our mechanical engineering draughtsmen start with an anchor plan, based on the architectural drawings. We can mark out the anchor plan, and verify the measurements with the Total Station, if required. We offer this service to help reduce the costs of failure on-site to the bare minimum. Possible defects on cast-in anchors are uncovered, and can thus be sorted out in time.

Upon approval of the anchor plan, we will start on the steel drawings, where our expertise in the specifics of concrete panels, roof sheets, wall cladding, doors, and light and ventilation ridges comes in handy. Upon approval of these drawings, detail drawings and production files are made. These production files are entered into a batch programme, resulting in order lists with a minimum wastage percentage. And, finally, the material is delivered according to plan.


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