Steel processing

We process the steel for your project in our own steel factory, VDB Staalbouw. We use state of the art equipment. Upon delivery, our CNC-machines saw the basic material at the correct length, shear them, and drill and punch the required holes. This is a fully automated process. The CNC punching and shearing machines, and the CNC drilling and sawing machines are managed by the drawing office, driven by Tekla software.

Our metal processing machines are supplied by Voortman | CNC Steel Processing Machinery

When the basic materials are correctly sized, the end products are assembled into a complete product, conform a workshop drawing, with top, base and gusset plates. Our certified welders then finish the construction by welding it, using state of the art equipment. This modern welding equipment enables us to log the entire welding process, allowing the welding co-ordinator to monitor the process on the computer. Quality checks are essential steps in the production process, in accordance with ISO3038 and ISO09010 standards.


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