Steel frame construction

Steel processing for building constructions. From drawing to assembly.

From anchor plan to drawing, and from steel processing to crane, Van den Brink Montage is your partner in steel frame building and construction work. We are ISO and VCA (checklist safety certificate for construction companies) certified.

Precision is the key factor in a sound steel construction. From work preparation to steel processing and protection, up to the final assembly of the steel construction. We deliver custom constructions of a high quality, in a cost-effective way. In the first stage, our building planning engineers draw up an anchor plan, we make the architectural drawings and decide on which materials to use. In the production process the steel is CNC-processed, and the products are finished during our advanced welding process. The steel is then blasted, painted, coated or galvanised, and assembled on location, with or without cranes and hydraulic arms. An extremely efficient process, fully carried out by us.

Steel processing
Work planning


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