Warm roofs

Steel roof

A ‘warm roof’ (profile 106) is a roof construction with insulation on top of the supporting construction. The water repellent layer is installed over the insulation.  For flat roofs, profile 106 is generally used to this end. This is a profile steel sheet, with insulation (EPS, PUR, PIR, or mineral wool), a vapour control layer, and, finally, a single or multi-layer roof covering, consisting of bituminous or synthetic material.

A ‘warm roof’ is also known as a ‘built-up steel roof’. It is available in a sendzimir galvanised finish, or with an interior coating on the inside. For an improved acoustic performance, a perforated version is also available; these profiles have a stone wool or glass wool filling.

Please see the example of a trapezoidal steel sheet and the corresponding roof span table below.

X deck

An X deck is the perfect alternative for the traditional warm roof principle. In effect, the X deck is a profile 107 filled with foam, fitted with a flat steel sheet, or a cover coating as top layer. Now only the roof covering must be applied, and your (flat) roof is ready. The underside of the panel has an interior coating and is not visually interrupted by fasteners. Moreover, this system is much lighter in weight and the construction can be built much faster than a traditional ‘built-up steel roof’.

Download the roof span table for trapezoidal steel sheets


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