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Top solutions in roof sheeting, insulation, water gutters and light ridges.

Van den Brink Montage supplies roof sheets for livestock housing and commercial and industrial buildings. Cold and warm roofs, sandwich panels, corrugated sheets, light ridges, insulation, and gutters.

For roof sheeting we offer so-called warm roofs, cold roofs, sandwich panels and corrugated sheets. And, of course, items like light ridges, insulation, gutters. For a warm roof, the insulation is installed on top of the supportive construction. Cold roofs consist of single steel plates, which are often used in vented roofs. PUR and PIR sandwich panels are insulating roof panels. Corrugated sheets (Portland cement) are vapour permeable and ventilating. Light, heat, and water drainage are also important factors for the selection of the type of roof. Possible options are UV polycarbonate panels, insulation to maintain a steady temperature, or gutters. Insulated roof panels come in many shapes and sizes. We provide and assemble both PUR and PIR sandwich panels, in trapezoidal and corrugated sheets. For the agricultural sector in particular, we can supply the sandwich panels with a ‘Farm safe coating’ on the underside. This coating guarantees protection in aggressive environments. The ‘Eco panel”, with an aluminium foil on the inside, is also an excellent choice for such applications.

EkoPoly sandwich panel

We can also supply the bottom sheet in polyester. Compared to the eco panel, this more compact bottom sheet has the added advantage that high pressure cleaning is easier, and it has a better resistance to mechanical damage. Contrary to panels with an aluminium foil underside, panels with a polyester underside can also be applied for larger spans. The polyester bottom sheets are finished with synthetic profiles, creating a handsome effect on the underside. Obviously, polyester is 100% resistant to aggressive ammonia fumes.

Our regular sandwich panel suppliers are: Joris Ide, Kingspan, SAB-profiel and Hardeman.

Download the roof span table for sandwich panels

Click on one of the images below to visit the respective websites of Joris Ide, Kingspan, SAB-profiel and Hardeman.


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