Light ridges

Agricultural buildings

For agricultural buildings, the design always starts with the question: “How can we ensure the most efficient way to provide fresh air for the building?” In cattle barns in particular, this is effected by means of light and ventilation ridges. Sufficient (day)light for both animal and farmer is important.

Light and ventilation ridges consisting of single skin light sheets have a negative impact on the climate in the building, since they allow heat and cold to pass almost freely, thus influencing the flow of air in the building. This can be prevented by the use of multi-skin polycarbonate sheets with a UV-protective coating, reducing the air flow to a minimum.  For every agricultural building we have light and ventilation ridges that contribute to the welfare of your livestock.

Commercial and industrial buildings

The most important issue in commercial and industrial buildings is enough (day)light, and the smallest possible influence from outside on the temperature. This can easily be achieved by using multi-skin polycarbonate sheets with an UV-protective coating. Nowadays, as energy neutral building is increasingly accepted, more and more skylights with a U-value of 2.5 are installed. We can also provide electrically operated skylights.

Van den Brink Montage will gladly assist you in making a conscious choice from the various light and ventilation ridges (open, ridge cap, overlap, etc.).


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