In the agricultural and hall building sector there are specific requirements for the insulation of livestock housing, milk parlours, sorting rooms, storage rooms and other buildings and spaces. Much applied insulation, like Dupanel and Powerline, is available from various suppliers, and we carry the top section. As a matter of course, since you require a constant temperature and optimal regulation of the (living) climate. Apart from ventilation and the assembly of the construction, insulation plays an important role in this area. Insulation sheets can be installed on top of, or underneath the roof construction.

Advantages of insulation sheets underneath the purlins:

  • a smooth, uniform ceiling;
  • a clean ceiling (no spaces were dirt, dust or food remainders can collect);
  • better light distribution;
  • a steady ventilation pattern;
  • a smooth insulation surface, very easy to clean.

Below you will find the various brands and types (suppliers may use different names).

  • Dupanel PUR, fire class D
  • Powerline PIR, fire class B, end-use
  • Megaplus PIR, fire class B, plain product

Insulation for metal roof sheeting

When using metal roof sheets, it is better to avoid the installation of insulation sheets on the underside of the roof construction. Compared to corrugated roof sheets, the risk of condensation is greater with this type of sheets, because of a phenomenon called ‘cooling down of steel sheets’. It is therefore necessary to see to proper condensation drainage facilities. When the insulation is installed above the purlins, the entire roof built-up construction can be finished in only one operation.


Our own assembly crew will ensure the accurate assembly of the isolation sheets in H-profiles, seat profiles (h-profiles), or with a clamp connection. We always try to bring down the number of seams to the bare minimum.


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