Corrugated sheets

Fibre cement corrugated sheets have been applied for decades now, and have proven their durability. Corrugated sheets are made of Portland cement, supplemented with mineral additives and synthetic fibres. Therefore, the sheets are vapour permeable (no condensation) and guaranteed rustproof. This makes the product extremly well suited for use in buildings in locations with known ammonia release, where chemical air washers are in operation.

During production, each sheet is separately rolled and pressed in a high pressure press, which creates a high volume mass. This production process creates a fibre cement corrugated sheet that is extremely strong and high grade, suitable for nearly all sloping roofs.

Van den Brink uses only self-drilling fixings for the constructions, ensuring a perfect assembly of your product. Our extensive experience in the construction and delivery of corrugated sheets makes Van den Brink Montage your ideal business partner.

Below you will find a link to the websites of our suppliers of corrugated sheets, for applications and installation instructions.




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