Roof sheets

The prefab concrete walls are assembled by Van den Brink Montage, without any assistance from other parties. Van den Brink Montage has its own assembly teams; they have extensive experience, and they know how to handle the heavy weight of prefab concrete walls in a safe and responsible way. They will also ensure a solid and splendid assembly of your prefab concrete walls, fitting the appearance of your facades. We haul the concrete walls with our own cranes, which makes us independent of third parties.

The concrete walls can be installed between as well as into steel constructions. The concrete walls can be secured in various ways:

  • with a cast-in anchor rail, with a clamp plate hooked behind the construction;
  • with a strip, welded into the steel column. The concrete element is lowered in between;
  • with an angle line that spans the concrete wall after assembly;
  • by assembling the concrete wall in the steel column and pointing it with mortar.
Sandwich panels
Warm roofs
Cold roofs
Corrugated sheets
Light ridges


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